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View Latin America Privacy Policy

Operador de Aventura Superior Eirl (referred to as “View Latin America” or “we”). Our privacy policy only applies to the collected information through this web site, as we take the protections and well use of your personal data very seriously. This statement is to inform you about the purpose, process and how is used your personal data.

Collecting Information, Process and Sharing

We are only owners of the information that is collected on this side. We collect information by our formularies where you provide us with information that lands to our email. We compromise in protect this information by not selling or rent this to anyone.

This information will be used to answered only to you, in regards to purpose of you contacting us. We cannot and will not share your personal data with any 3rd party beyond our company, of course other than the necessary to complete and fulfill your request.

Unless, you have previously agreed, we might contact you by email in the future with news, promotions or updates such as new services or changes about this statement.

Control over the Information

You may have decided not to have any contact with us in the future that is possible at any time. You will be able to the following just by contacting via email:

  • Check on the data we have collected about you, in case there is any.
  • Change, update or correct the data we have collected about you
  • To delete the data, we have collected about you
  • Express any type of concern regarding the use of your data.


We take the necessary precautions to protect the collected information. Any time you submit sensitive information through our website, this information is protected online and offline.

Every time we collect sensitive information (for instance a credit or debit card data), that information will be encrypted and transfer in the most secure way. On the other hand, we also are very protective of the data offline, as only our employees that needs that will need the information in order to accomplished a specific task such as a billing. Only then they will be granted access to confidential information.


Whenever you visit our website, information will be store on your computer in the shape of a cookie. Cookies are small files that contain information that are storage in your device or computer whenever you visit a website. Then these cookies will be sent back to the same website on every visit, it also can be sent to another website that recognize the cookie. Our website has been using cookies widely, to improve our efficiency as well as provide information to the website owners.

Cookies have different purposes, such as navigate between pages remembering your preferences and delivering the most accurate results, overall it improves the user experience.

1. Why do we use Cookies?

We have decided to use cookies for various reasons listed as follows:

  • – Track traffic specially the flow and the patterns of travel in connection to our website.
  • – Decipher the number of visitors into our Website and the kind of internet browsers that are being use by our visitors.
  • – To monitor the performance of our website, in order to improve it in the nearby future
  • – Enhance and improve our users experience


Our Privacy Policy may incur in some changes from time to time and every updates will be posted on this page.